Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a qualification?

The qualifications required will depend on the company and position you apply for. All main requirements will be stated on the job advertisement. 1. Some companies want or require qualifications so they can help out in other roles, whereas other companies only require experience. 2. By law in Australia, all mechanical work (as a mechanic) requires a certificate III trade qualification. In NSW, a MVTC is also required by mechanics. 3. Some tyre fitter positions may require or want a certificate II in tyre fitting to be successful. 4. Wheel aligners may require a certificate III in automotive underbody to be successful. Qualification requirements can change from State to State or company to company. Please read the job advertisement or contact our office for further information on (02) 4610 7973.

Who employs me?

If successful, you will be employed through the company that you interviewed with. If you are employed as a temp through us, you will still report to the supervisor of the company that you are physically working at. In all other cases our job is to get you the position at the company you will work for.

What are the details of the company who will employ me?

The companies we work with vary throughout our vacant positions. At the early stages of our phone screening process we may not be able to disclose certain information about the company due to reasons like privacy. Generally once a candidate has progressed past the initial phone screening stage they will be given the appropriate details of the company. We do apologise, as we understand it may be important for some people to know, due to varying reasons.

What is the pay rate or salary of the position?

Pay rates and salaries vary according to many factors: 1. Who the company is, 2. What the position is, 3. Location, 4. The candidates experience level & possibly qualification level. Salary is often negotiable and the salary limits are usually in the job advertisement. If you are unsure, you can contact us for more information. Specific rates will vary according to the above factors and can be negotiated on during the interview stages.

What are the details of your job vacancies?

The details of our job vacancies will usually be outlined in our job advertisements. Any further information can be found through calling us at our office on (02) 4610 7973.

Why should I go through a recruiter?

Working with a recruiter offers a host of benefits: 1. A good recruiter will have a variety of vacancies. 2. There are numerous positions available that will suit you, if one position isn't ideal we will generally have others that may be better suited to you, 3. We work alongside many various reputable companies, each with their own strengths and requirements, 4. Often hiring managers at companies have so many job roles and other tasks to work on, it can be very easy for them to overlook suitable candidates, 5. FLB Automotive Recruitment is a specialist recruiter in this very industry. Many clients come to us for assistance because we are very effective at finding candidates to fill their positions. We have the rapport to help get people in the door that will otherwise be overlooked.

Can you sponsor me?

Unfortunately, we are NOT an approved sponsor and cannot sponsor foreign workers. However, some of our clients are approved sponsors and under the right circumstances can provide sponsorship. For more details on sponsorship, please contact us or alternatively you can go to the Department of Home Affairs' website (previously known as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection).

What should I wear to my interview?

Depending on the position and level of management, the rule of thumb is to dress one position up. In other words, dressing appropriately for the position above the one you are applying for. While suits in the automotive industry are not generally required unless you are applying for a managerial/office position, a nice collared shirt and nice long pants and shoes will never go astray. Just remember, you can't dress up too much, but you can definitely not dress up enough.

Do you do part-time, full-time, casual, temp or permanent?

Majority of the positions we hire for are full-time and permanent. This means once you're employed, you have full employment rights towards things like Superannuation, leave, and any other relevant incentives like bonuses that the companies may offer. We do hire for temp roles on occasion under certain circumstances. We do not generally hire for casual or part-time as our clients do not generally require candidates for these employment types.

Do you charge fees?

The short answer is NO. We provide FREE assistance to job seekers at NO charge, and obligation free.