Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

What is wash and fold service?

Separating dirty laundry into whites and non-whites, washing them separately, drying and folding them (we also wrap folded laundry in plastic sheets).

How do I pay?

Cash, credit card or local bank check.

How do I know the weight of my order?

We weight dirty laundry before customer.

Where are the orders cleaned?

At our laundromat.

Do you sort each order?

Yes. We sort out whites and non-whites and wash them separately.

How long does it take?

It depends how much laundry has allready been dropped off by other customers. However, we try very hard to meet our customers' needs on a timely manner.

Is this an environmentally friendly service?

Yes. Our customers could also bring in their own supplies if they wish.

Do you handle commercial accounts?

Yes. We allready have a number of business accounts. We provide references to prospective custumers if requested.