Seek stability, growth and opportunities for a satisfying and long-lasting future

At FLB Automotive Recruitment, we provide permanent position employment services for job seekers that are in need of new employment opportunities.


Over the years we have built up several strong relationships working together with reputable companies that range from the smaller local businesses, right through to large national companies.

Job seekers:

  • Actively searching

  • Non-actively searching

We assist job seekers looking for new employment opportunities with top-tiered companies that will provide a safe and secure workplace.


These businesses use us because they care about investing in their employees! 


When a company invests at the start, it shows they're willing to invest time and money throughout the rest of the employees career as well.

This says a lot about a businesses commitment to its staff!


We are specialists in employment suited to employees in the automotive industry, and we work closely with our clients to recruit for both general and specialist positions that need staff.


We provide a FREE service to job seekers. There is no obligatory contracts or commitments by job seekers to us, as we serve as a pathway to connect employees to employers.

Registering your details with us allows us the ability to find you suitable employment through the various businesses we have close relationships with.

Here are some of the employment positions and roles we work with.

Job Seeker Services

Find out how a specialist recruitment agency can get you the job you want

Are you sick of working day after day in a dead-end job that doesn't provide you or your family with what you need?

Things like job stability, bonuses, employee benefits and incentives can seem like such a privilege

But with the right employer, they can be a standard part of your employment.

Why would you use us?

Simple. We have:

  • A wide array of reputable companies who are actively seeking valuable staff.

  • Special agreements set up with employers and hiring managers seeking workers.

  • A reputation to uphold to these companies we work with.

  • A strong desire to help people achieve their career goals.

  • We have a team of staff to help you look for your next job.


  • Many of our positions come to us first before they are even advertised by the company.

  • The most highly anticipated positions come and go before they reach many of these job board sites.

  • We fight to put our candidates through, even if they've been previously overlooked by hiring managers in the past.

  • Some companies can have a limited number of hiring staff, and with an influx of candidates for their position, it can be easy to be overlooked.


When you want to stand a chance against your competition, you need to be at the front of the line. Our candidates are there.

Each company that we work with have proven their success in the industry.

  • They can provide you with a stable future for you and your family.

  • They pay above award-wages while still offering plenty of career advancement and opportunities for the future.

If you want more from your job, or you feel like you have no where to progress, let us help you get the most out of your skills and qualifications.


Finding employment: How we can help

FLB Automotive Recruitment does mostly permanent recruitment.

We help people find full-time, part-time or casual careers.


Matching a broad range of positions in the automotive industry to individuals.

  • Looking for a new exciting career?

  • Or need something more challenging where you can progress?


We have plenty of reputable companies who may be lucky to have you!


11 interview tips to help you land that job

Some simple tips to help you get the most out of your interview, and make the best impression possible.


Candidates requiring sponsorship


While we have several clients who are willing to offer 457 sponsorships to candidates, the candidate must meet various requirements in association with the Australian law and any subsequent state laws or regulations. We work mostly with those candidates who are already in Australia.


Please note that FLB Automotive Recruitment is not a registered migration agent therefore we can not provide Visa advice to Visa applicants or applicants wishing to apply for a Visa. 

For further information on what you require to be eligible to work in Australia, please see the links below: