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What we offer our clients


Along with our high quality service we also offer our recruitment expertise. This expertise is industry specific, and takes into account all of the nuances involved with the industry. 

The quality of candidates is one of the biggest contributing factors when providing high-end recruitment services, and accessibility to these candidates for any business is a necessity.

Actively maintaining a high quality candidate database, and our specialty in recruitment leads us to be constantly searching for the best out there. Active and passive.


We are exclusive. This means that we choose not to excessively bulk promise employment for the sake of sales targets, this results in the ability to maintain crucial searching times for better candidates.


We don't rely on the "best" candidates actively searching through job ads.

We find the best active or passive candidates for your role.

Expertise is:

  • Industry specific

  • Knowing current candidate availabilities and trends

  • Knowing the industry

Think about this... The best candidates and potential employees don't have an issue finding work, they're either snapped up quickly, or never actually make it to the active job search process. 


The best candidates these days are usually head-hunted, or they find opportunities outside of job-seeking advertisements. They are the ones least likely to be scouring through old job advertisements.


To find these candidates, you need to spend endless hours of searching via unorthodox methods and up-to-date databases.

This is where we come in! 

We have the expertise, and the time to spend effectively searching for the BEST candidates. 

The same candidates that will never make it to the regular job-seeker process that most businesses rely on. Therefore, it's essential in capturing them just as they choose to move jobs.


Assistance and advice is provided to all our clients when searching for staff. Regulations and laws can change over time, as well as from state to state, so knowing more information when recruiting a new staff member will always be an asset.

We don't believe in just putting "bums in seats". We assess the suitability of each person long-term and not just about whether they will make it through the guarantee period.

Why use a recruiter like us?

Finding the right staff for your business is vital to growth. An employee should be an asset and not a liability. Employing unsuitable staff can be a liability, and it's when companies employ unsuitable staff that their businesses can suffer. 

We understand businesses that expanding and growing will never have the time to spend meticulously searching for good quality potential candidates, but at the same time, no one should be limited to employing the first available person.

  • Spend less time scrolling and checking through resumes and applications,

  • Waste less time interviewing unsuitable candidates,

  • Receive more candidates to choose from,

  • Don't be limited when sourcing a new member for your team.

Spend your time where it counts

Remember, the best candidates usually aren't actively looking for work, so getting the right applicant from a job ad is very limiting.


The highest quality candidates tend to be passive candidates.


This means the jobs you put up aren't relevant to many passive candidates. A good recruiter can often source and place a great candidate before they even resign from their previous workplace.

The quality of a recruiter varies as much as the quality of a workshop. And a good mechanic will make as much of an impact as a good recruiter will. As we all know, a bigger workshop won't necessarily provide a better service or better results. This is very much the case with recruitment companies, where highly driven sales targets and overheads will often affect the level of service provided by some of the larger companies.

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Our "Candidate Care" service and guarantee period:


As a part of our service and commitment, FLB Automotive Recruitment provides services that assist employers and employees through an added all inclusive service we call our "candidate care" service.

We provide a guarantee period for the first 3 months from the time the candidate starts work.

In the unlikely event that a candidate does fall off within our 3 month guarantee period, we will replace the them free of charge, and as quickly as possible.

Giving you peace of mind during the most important time-frame of a new employment contract.


The "Candidate Care" service is a welfare-based service aimed to assist with the initial employee and employer transition period. Our service can act as a mediator to diffuse any potential issues between employer and employee during their initial stages of employment.

This service allows us to stay in touch with the client and candidate during the complete duration of our 3 month guarantee period.

What you get:

  • 3 month guarantee period.

  • All inclusive "Candidate Care" service for the 3 month guarantee period.

  • Monitor the progress and performance of the candidates at regular intervals.

  • Monitoring the welfare of both employer and employee to ensure everyone is happy.


This allows us to not only help your new employee settle in, but to address any concerns that you as the employer may have.